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We Must Step Back From The Brink Fishing Monthly Published:  19 November, 2002

THE rush to push the catching sector over the precipice must be replaced by a six-month breathing space, a fishermen’s spokesman said today.

Scottish Fishermen’s Federation chief executive Hamish Morrison added:“We must come back from the brink”

Commenting on the continued hardline being taken by the European Commission on cod conservation, Mr Morrison said:“I am going to be arguing at a Europeche meeting in Brussels tomorrow and an advisory committee the day after that we must step back.We really need to put in place some half-year plan which would carry us forward long enough to resolve the major long term issues and take them away from the frenetic atmosphere created by both scientific advice on stocks and the Commission’s own proposals.

“Basically I am saying we must have the time to resolve an issue which cannot be sorted out in three weeks.”

But he felt they were dealing with ignorance rather than malice on the part of the Commission and scientists.

“I really do think that the Commission and scientists believe they are advocating something for the best.

“But because they lack the knowledge of the systems they are dealing with they come to conclusions which are flawed in logic and which will never work in practice.”

“ We need time to go back to the zonal management concept in its original form with executive powers because this cod issue is far too difficult for theoretical scientists and administrators to deal with.”