Wales Launches Aquaculture Project –

Wales Launches Aquaculture Project Fish Farming Today Published:  19 March, 2003

ECONOMIC Development Minister Andrew Davies will tomorrow launch AqWa – a £3million project geared to spearhead the growth of a dynamic new fish farming industry in Wales – a sector with huge potential to meet growing global demand with the capability to make a significant impact on the Welsh economy.

The first phase of the project, which has secured Objective One funding, will establish a new cutting edge R&D base to position Wales at the forefront of global developments to create an industry that is economically, environmentally and ecologically sustainable.

Wales is already home to one of the world’s most advanced aquaculture projects and Welsh expertise has resulted in international collaboration on aquaculture projects throughout Europe and Asia.

The AqWa project, sponsored by the WDA with the support of the University of Wales Swansea, has been described as an unprecedented opportunity for Wales to take the lead in setting new standards for the industry, which is vital for its future.

With fish stocks dwindling and traditional fish farming methods causing major ecological problems there is a worldwide demand to develop a truly sustainable form of fish farming.