Vermland takes cleaning up a level –

Vermland takes cleaning up a level Published:  28 February, 2011

Skretting’s feed delivery vessel, M.V Vermland, has had its cleaning efficiency improved following the installation of a dedicated chemical foaming unit, the MFU 75 manufactured by Lagafors.

This enables the crew to readily apply the detergent to the hold walls, floor and ceiling after all the feed has been delivered.

Liane Macdonald, responsible for outbound logistics at Skretting Invergordon, was keen to get the MFU for the Vermland, she said, ‘it is a very visual improvement to our existing hygiene and biosecurity procedures. The unit allows the pressurised application of chemical foam which gives more thorough cleaning of difficult to access areas. The foam has more persistent properties than other, typical liquid chemicals and also gives a good indication of which areas have been cleaned allowing the crew to focus more on our commitment to biosecurity – an extremely important aspect of our service.’

The MFU 75, manufactured by Lagafors, was supplied by Aquatic Hygiene Ltd and has made the cleaning of the vessel hold more efficient and effective.

Skippers, Johhny á Túgvu and Árni Joensen both agreed ‘it has made life easier for the crew, as they were using a small spray canister previously’. Crew member, Marek Koscinki, said ‘due to the excellent foam quality, you can see where you have applied the chemical and there has been a reduction in time spent cleaning’.

Aquatic Hygiene’s Food Safety and Bio-security Advisor Nathan Moreland, commented:

‘Food Safety and Bio-security is essential in today’s food production sector. The MFU 75 is excellent for small food producing/processing premises. Thus making it ideal for a feed transport vessel. The MFU is made from stainless steel so is capable of surviving in the harsh marine environment.’

Nathan can be contacted via , 07818 483043 or 01463 233361, Aquatic Hygiene Ltd, Albyn House, Union Street, Inverness IV1 1QA