US seafood firm develops sustainable programme for consumers –

US seafood firm develops sustainable programme for consumers Published:  01 April, 2011

ICELANDIC USA, part of the global Icelandic seafood group, has recently struck a new partnership designed to help the American public make properly informed seafood choices.

Based in Newport News, Virginia, the company has teamed up with the Virginia & Aquarium & Science Centre to promote its Sensible Seafood programme.

A newly established initiative, the mission of the Sensible Seafood programme is to promote seafood choices that are good for people and make sense for a healthy marine environment.

The company says it is also designed to help consumers make sustainable seafood decisions in stores and at restaurants. The programme was developed in conjunction with the Monterey Bay Aquarium and an advisory panel of regional seafood experts, including representation from Icelandic USA.

Icelandic says it works with aquariums nationwide to promote good stewardship for marine life and education about the world’s waterways and oceans.

Chuck Spencer, National Account Manager and Global Sustainability Specialist at the company, said “We are excited to partner with the Virginia Aquarium & Science Centre on the Sensible Seafood programme, whose position on conservation of the oceans and waterways is aligned with the ideals and objectives of Icelandic Group.”

The programme provides consumers with a useful colour-coded reference pocket guide that rates the most popular seafood items. Green items are best choices for seafood consumption, highlighting options that are abundant, well-managed and fished or farmed in environmentally friendly ways.

Yellow items are good alternatives for consumers to consider when best choices are not available, though there may be some concerns with how they are caught or farmed. Consumers are urged to avoid red items because they are over-fished or caught and farmed in ways that harm other marine life or the environment.