US seafood chefs in patriotic Gulf Seafood show –

US seafood chefs in patriotic Gulf Seafood show Published:  22 November, 2010

AMERICAN seafood chefs are preparing en masse to fly the flag in a patriotic gesture to restore confidence in US fish and shellfish following the disastrous Gulf of Mexico oil spill in April this year.

On December 1st more than 150 chefs and restaurants in cities across the country will participate in the first “America’s Night Out For Gulf Seafood” festival  to show the nation that seafood from that region is perfectly safe to eat.

All of the participating restaurants will be serving a special dish that includes either fish, oysters, shrimp or crabs from the Gulf which supplies nearly half of all the country’s seafood.

The special “night out” is also meant to honour the thousands of Americans and their families in the Gulf seafood industry who are now back to work, fishing the Gulf waters for the most succulent catches.

They are also not forgetting the fact that 11 rig workers were killed when the Deepwater Horizon platform, which was working on behalf of BP, exploded on the night of April 20th. The effects of the spill lasted a further four months endangering fish and marine life, although in the end the damage was not as bad as first feared.

The US authorities have now re-opened virtually all the Gulf waters to commercial fishing which is now back to normal. However, due to the spill and the almost nightly coverage of the event, the safety of Gulf seafood has been questioned despite rigorous testing. Now it is hoped that the Dine America nationwide restaurant and media initiative will help to  allay those fears.