UK: Fishermen net explosive catch –

UK: Fishermen net explosive catch Published:  10 April, 2006

TWO fishermen got a surprise on Saturday morning when they trawled up a World War II mine in their nets, just off the coast from Hartlepool.

The fishing vessel ‘Osprey’ contacted Humber Coastguard at 9.37am to report that crew members had trawled up a rusty spherical object covered in spikes. The Coastguard put the vessel in contact with Explosives and Ordnance Division (EOD) divers who confirmed that the object was a World War II mine.

The vessel made its way towards a point two miles off Hartlepool. Meanwhile, the Coastguard requested that Tees Harbour make broadcasts to all shipping to ensure that other vessels stayed at least a mile away.

Humber Coastguard Watch Manager Drew Mahood said: “Fishermen still occasionally trawl up ordnance and munitions from World War II. When this happens, we ensure that they are put in touch with our colleagues at the EOD who can assist them in disposing of their potentially explosive catch.” is published by Special Publications. Special Publications also publish FISHupdate magazine, Fish Farmer, the Fish Industry Yearbook, the Scottish Seafood Processors Federation Diary, the Fish Farmer Handbook and a range of wallplanners.