UK Fisheries minister condemns whaling expansion –

UK Fisheries minister condemns whaling expansion Published:  17 May, 2005

THE UK yesterday reacted strongly to recent news reports, which have

suggested that Norway, Japan and Iceland are increasing their whaling

activities in the build up to the annual meeting of the International

Whaling Commission (IWC) which takes place in Ulsan, South Korea from

20-24 June. Commenting on a BBC news feature on 9 May about Norwegian whaling, UK Fisheries Minister Ben Bradshaw said: “The BBC feature showed a harpooned minke whale which took at least two minutes to die – this demonstrates the extreme cruelty involved in whaling. Norway claims that the vast majority of whales it hunts

are killed outright, but the film footage highlighted how difficult

it is to make an instantaneous kill even in seemingly perfect

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