Trondheim gears up for Nor-Fishin​g exhibition –

Trondheim gears up for Nor-Fishin​g exhibition Published:  10 August, 2012

From the 14th until the 17th of August Nor-Fishing is heldfor the 24th time. The exhibition will, as in previous years, be held atTrondheim Spektrum, the exhibition area in the centre of Trondheim, Norway.

On Tuesday 14th August at 10:30 am, Mayor of Trondheim, RitaOttervik, will welcome exhibitors and visitors to Trondheim, after which theNorwegian Minister of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs, Lisbeth BergHansen willofficially open the exhibition.

The exhibition brings together local, national andinternational exhibitors from all the various sectors of the fisheriesindustry. Many have announced that they will be presenting new products duringthe exhibition. It will be four days full of activities, meetings, seminars andpresentations. So far some 480 exhibitors from over 20 countries haveregistered. Several municipalities and counties in Norway as well as foreigncountries are planning to have their own stands. In addition, researchinstitutions will participate both as exhibitors and as participants in variousdebates and presentations. Politicians and industry leaders will alsoparticipate as speakers and panel members in discussions.

The Nor-Fishing Foundation Innovation Award

The Nor-Fishing Foundation innovation Award 2012 will bepresented during the first day of the exhibition, during the reception atClarion Hotel & Congress Trondheim. The award will be presented by theMinister of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs, Lisbeth Berg-Hansen, and theChairperson of the Nor-Fishing Foundation, Liv Holmefjord.

It is expected that about 15,000 visitors from over 50countries will come to Nor-Fishing this year. The host city Nor-Fishing hasfocused more on involving the host city of Trondheim in this year’s event, andin cooperation with the local travel organizations and business associations, anumber of social and cultural events have been planned. These events will bothbring Nor-Fishing into focus locally, and enhance the social and culturalspectre of activities offered to visitors.

During the past couple of years a number of new hotels havebeen opened in Trondheim, and there are still rooms available for those whowish to pay Nor-Fishing a visit.