Triple premiere at the next fish international –

Triple premiere at the next fish international Published:  21 November, 2013

A new competition, an aquaculture workshop that will be the first of its kind in the EU, and acompletely new gastro event: the well-established “fish international” will have some newtopics to offer

In Halls 4, 5 and 6 of the Bremen Exhibition Centre when it opens its gates forthe 14th time from Sunday 9th to Tuesday 11th February 2014. Alongside these new featuresvisitors to Germany’s only fish trade fair will also be able to enjoy the well-tried mix of productpresentations, discussion of current topics, and opportunities for nurturing existing contactsand building up new ones – for example during the popular “Trawl Party” on the Sunday ofthe fair.For nearly 30 years now, visitors from the food and fish retail sector, restaurants andcatering, fish import and export, and fish processing have been meeting at two-yearlyintervals at fish international. The Bremen fair gives them a reliable overview of what the fishindustry currently has to offer: fresh fish and processed products, technical solutions fromfilleting machines to smoking systems, or point of sale equipment. In 2012 about 8,200visitors took advantage of the chance to look around the stands of 260 exhibitors from 23different countries.At fish international 2014 visitors will for the first time be able to take part in selecting the“Best Seafood Product” at the fair. In addition to the meanwhile traditional fish industry prize“Seafood Star” which is awarded in various different categories by a reputed trade magazineon Sunday, there will now be a new event on Tuesday. Competitors for the new prize canenter both already established products and new creations and these will be presented intheir own exhibition section as well as in a brochure. An expert jury will taste and evaluate theproduct entries, but visitors can submit their votes, too, which will also give them the chanceto win one of a number of attractive prizes for their participation. “With this contest we areopening up a new path for our exhibitors to advertise their products”, said Sabine Wedell, fishinternational’s Project Manager.Fair visitors were mainly looking for interesting fish products, but also for equipment for theireveryday business, she said, reporting on the results of the visitor survey. In addition to awide range of fresh and smoked products, frozen products, delicatessen and marinades, fishinternational is also well-known for the new sales concepts which are presented at the fair.“This time we are expecting counter concepts that combine sales and catering”, Ms Wedellannounced. In addition, with the “Traceability Hotspot” the organisers are picking up anurgent challenge: exhibitors who are working to achieve full traceability and uniform labellingof fish will be able to present their solutions here.When asked to name other areas of interest, visitors frequently mention aquaculture. That iswhy there will in 2014 be much more equipment and accessories for fish farming on display.There will also be a workshop on recirculation systems – the first of its kind in the EU – whichin the USA attracts participants from all over the world. Professor Dr Michael Timmons andDr James Ebeling normally offer this workshop at Cornell University in Ithaca/ New York.“With our Gastro Ivent we are picking up the visitor wish for even more offers for therestaurant and catering sectors”, said Sabine Wedell. This fair will offer the industry creativeideas and solutions. It will present high-quality foods, particularly from regional production,beverages, furnishings and technology. The chance to actually try the different productsbrings them closer to the public, and lectures will examine topics such as “Social Media inCatering”. The exhibition cinema system will show videos on the production and preparationmethods involved. The party on Monday evening will be ideal for networking.Among the exhibitors who have already registered for fish international is once againTransgourmet Seafood. “As a supplier to restaurants and hotels, company canteens andcommunal/ institutional caterers, wholesalers, cash & carry stores as well as food retailersand fishmongers the Bremen fish fair is of special significance to us”, said Manager RalfForner. “We meet our customers here, we can give them our full attention in Bremen!” Theexhibition successes of 2010 and 2012 were encouraging and so the company is now furtherexpanding its exhibition area by a third. “The Gastro Ivent will be an additional strong drivingforce – it is the necessary and logical supplement for this fair. With the new double event ourcustomers will find an attractive presentation of the complete range in Bremen”, of this Forneris convinced. He will be bringing with him to Bremen a large number of partners, among themRoyal Greenland, Frosta, Sterk, Christian Goedeken jr., Edna, Aviko, Kühlmann and theAlaska Marketing Institute (ASMI).fish international and Gastro Ivent are open on Sunday and Monday from 10:00 to 18:00 andon Tuesday from 10:00 to 17:00. Day tickets – which allow access to both events – can bebought online in advance for 24 EUR, or for 38 EUR at the fair. To find out more please and