Tragedy trawler bell handover this week –

Tragedy trawler bell handover this week Published:  04 April, 2011

A DATE has been set for the official return and handing over of the bell from the Grimsby trawler Laforey which sank with all hands nearly 60 years ago. It will return to its home port this week and then presented to the Grimsby Port Missioner Tony Jewitt on Friday by the two Norwegian divers Tron Stromgren and Frode Fjellestad, who discovered the wreck last year.

The Laforey, owned by Derwent Trawlers which was part of the old Ross Group foundered in heavy seas  off the coast of Northern Norway in February 1954. All 20 crewmen on board perished and only one body, that of a Dutch-born trawler engineer,  was eventually recovered. The ship had only been built five years earlier and had been considered a fairly new and sound vessel.The skipper was William Mogg and  his grandson Garreth Evans, also a former trawler skipper, has been researching with the divers and  has been trying to trace the families of those who were lost. He is thought to have found at least 13 of the 20 families.Mr Jewitt said the bell would now be hung in the Grimsby  Fishermens Chapel in the port under the names of those who were lost  on that fateful day.Mr Jewitt said there will be a special commemorative service at the Grimsby Minster on July 10th  when the bell will be show before being removed to its permanent home at the fishermens chapel. That should be the final chapter in a tragic story that was, sadly, all too common in ports like Grimsby, Hull and Aberdeen in the early 1950s