Track your fish supper – by iPad –

Track your fish supper – by iPad Published:  28 July, 2011

IT has to be the ultimate in seafood apps, but whether it catches on in the smarter restaurants is another matter. 

An eco group in Canada has enabled to diners not only to see at the table where their fish comes from, but also the boat that caught it.

By tagging individual fish, shellfish, and crustaceans, as website called says it can connect retailers and consumers with the fishermen who sustainably bring back the catch.

The website has been developed by a group called Ecotrust Canada which has been working on a high-tech web system that lets consumers anywhere in the world track their meals right back to the place where it was caught. It says that diners can do this by entering a special code given to them at restaurants and then  logging on with an iPad, Blackberry or similar device.

Canada’s CBC News said: “With this seafood traceability initiative, Ecotrust Canada hopes to educate consumers about where seafood comes from and encourage them to make more sustainable choices.” was developed in 2008 in response to requests from commercial fishermen on Vancouver Island. The pilot began with lingcod and hook‐and‐line‐caught salmon and then moved to include sablefish and halibut in British Columbia (BC),

Last year Ecotrust Canada launched the website that allows trawler crews to upload their catch data and lets consumers trace their catch.

Marketing and communications officer Eric Enno Tamm said the programme aims to make the seafood sector more transparent and reward those who responsibly harvest and handle the product. In the next few months all enrolled fishermen who have joined  may also be able to track their catches.