Tough Penalties For Danish Fishermen –

Tough Penalties For Danish Fishermen Fishing Monthly Published:  07 January, 2003

A COURT in Esbjerg, Denmark, has fined twelve Danish skippers 5.4 million Danish Kroner for illegal fishing last year.

The skipper’s lawyer Bo Ascanius says the fine is very unusual as it is believed to be the first time in Danish history that a fisherman has both been fined for the catch value and had his fishing licence confiscated at the same time.

The case created controversy last year, when the 12 fishermen were found by fisheries officers to have by-catches of herring of between 64 and 97 per cent, although the highest legal by-catch is no more than 20 per cent.

The disclosure of the large and illegal by-catches led to the introduction of a fishing ban for Danish industrial catchers in vast parts of the North Sea.

Bo Asscanius told the Danish news source, Ritzau, that the penalty was particularly severe, given there was both a fine and seizure of fishing licences.