Thousands flock to fish market for Christmas –

Thousands flock to fish market for Christmas Published:  23 December, 2009

CONSUMERS in Sydney Australia, where locals are basking in 90 degree F temperatures, have started flocking to the city’s fish market for the start of the annual 36 hour seafood buying marathon.

Because of the hot weather many locals prefer cold seafood  such as prawns and oysters to traditional turkey and stuffing  for their Christmas dinners. The fish market opened at 5am this morning and will stay open all night, closing at 5pm tomorrow afternoon.

Sydney Fish Market marketing and communications manager Lousie Nock said the annual event had attracted thousands of shoppers since it began more than ten years ago. “For many Sydney families this event is part of their Christmas tradition,’’ she said.

“A trip to the Sydney Fish Market to select fresh seafood is a great way to mark the beginning of the Christmas festivities and something the whole family can enjoy.’’  The seafood marathon is expected to attract more than 80,000 shoppers over the next few hours. Organisers anticipate that up to 1,000 oysters and more than 80kg of prawns will be sold every minute.

“From the freshest sashimi at the Sushi Bar, to whole fish for cooking or pre-cooked crustacea, there’s something to suit every seafood-lover’s taste and budget,’’ Ms Nock said. Australia is now becomng a major consumer of seafood thanks in part to an influx of Asians into the country.