Think European, Says EC Aquaculture Chief –

Think European, Says EC Aquaculture Chief Fish Farming Today Published:  14 July, 2003

PROTECT the European salmon farming sector and its high quality. That was the messsage today from Dr Constantin Vamvakis,head of the EU Aquaculture Policy Unit who was attending the opening of smolt producer Kinloch Damph’s Couldoran hatchery at Kishorn in North-west Scotland.

Dr Vamvakis said he was very impressed by the fish farming activity he had seen in Scotland and its ability to survive in remote areas

But more had to be done to reinforce a positive information stream to consumers given the weight of negative publicicty directed towards the sector not just in Scotland but throughout Europe.

However this kind of marketing iniitative would , if he recalled right have to be funded equally by the Community and by the industry in order to access the appropriate FIFG money.

But he was confident the European aquaculture sector could survive competition from outwith the Community.

“I believe our product is of equal quality if not better to outside the Community I prefer as a consumer to have Irish and Scottish salmon for example and we have to think European.

“And I believe there are initatives we should keep in place including like control of our frontiers.

“But there is a good future for European aquaculture although we have to undertake a number of initiatives including environmentally friendly aspects and there is public money which can be used for that.”