They did it! Tesco Fish Team triumph! –

They did it! Tesco Fish Team triumph! Published:  08 June, 2010

A team of twenty-two runners from Tesco and fish processing companies, Seachill, Farne Salmon, Cumbrian Seafoods, The Seafood Company, Thistle Seafoods and Dawnfresh took part in this year’s Edinburgh Marathon and Half Marathon raising funds for the Fishermen’s Mission.

Said team ‘captain’, Linda Arnold, Lead Technical Manager, Tesco Stores Ltd who recruited the runners ‘Some of us had never run a marathon before so it was hard but in spite of the heat we all finished and had a great time! The money’s rolling in and we hope to raise £15,000 to help the Mission provide support to our fishermen and their families’.  

Mission Director of Fundraising Elaine Campbell said the Mission was over the moon at the support they’d received and thanked every member of the Tesco Fish Team for the huge effort they put in training, running and collecting sponsorship for the event. But, she added, ‘we’re particularly grateful to Linda whose idea this was and who has put in so many hours and so much energy to make the idea reality. I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank the Seafish/ Seafood Scotland ‘Flying Fish’ team who completed the Hairy Haggis Relay and also supported the Mission. Our hats off to everyone who ran on Marathon Day!’         

If anyone would like to support either Team’s efforts, please go to The Tesco or Flying Fish Team Pages on