The Saucy Fish Co secures Aldi injunction –

The Saucy Fish Co secures Aldi injunction Published:  02 May, 2014

THE Saucy Fish Co has secured a High Court interim injunction against Aldi Stores Limited.

The Grimsby-based manufacturer objected to the discount retailer’s new range of fish and sauce combinations which they claim infringed their registered trademarks.

Aldi, which is disputing the case, has since removed these products from their shelves, pending final resolution of the case when it reaches Court later this year. 

The Saucy Fish Co raised concerns that the core packaging and design features of Aldi’s products were confusingly similar to their own award-winning brand.

It argued that this could mislead consumers into believing they are actually buying The Saucy Fish Co products or the products are part of a brand agreement with Aldi – neither of which is the case. 

Head of Brand for The Saucy Fish Co, Simon Smith said: ‘Aldi’s imitation of The Saucy Fish Co undermines the trust and confidence consumers have built with us.  

‘Our brand represents a promise of consistency, not easily replicable by packaging alone. Originality and innovation are two of our watchwords, built through investment over the last three years as we’ve nurtured and grown a unique and desired brand, now valued at £35m. 

‘It’s really important for us to protect our distinctive brand identity as a mark of premium quality, as we grow our brand globally. 

‘The Saucy Fish Co isn’t the first and won’t be the last brand to take action against copycat brands, but we’re encouraged by the outcome of the interim injunction and confident we’ll secure a positive outcome when this case reaches Court. 

‘“Ghost” brands that trade on the halo effect of an established brand simply should not be tolerated and I’m sure other brand owners will be watching this case with interest.’

The Saucy Fish Co was recently voted a CoolBrand® and in January this year signed its latest listing with Waitrose.

On 7 March it announced it was expanding into the US market with a listing with Giant Landover and Giant Carlise stores.

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