The master of molluscs! –

The master of molluscs! Published:  23 July, 2009

Are you the master of molluscs? Can you open 30 native oysters as quickly as the current British champion?

Well start practising because not only does September 1st mark the start of the native oyster season, it also means that it’s time for Tabasco® to call for Britain’s best oyster openers to come together and compete for the British oyster opening title.

The aim of the championship is to find the fastest oyster opener or ‘shucker’ in Britain. Contestants are required to open and display 30 native oysters as quickly as possible. Entries will be judged by a panel of seafood experts and chefs, according to the Galway International Festival rules.

The Tabasco® British Oyster Opening Championship 2009 will take place on Wednesday 2nd September at Green’s Restaurant and Oyster Bar, 14 Cornhill, London, EC3V 3ND at 3.30pm.

The winner claims not only the title ‘Tabasco® British Oyster Opener of the Year’, but also a trophy, a £250 cheque and a trip to Galway to represent Britain in the International Championship.

Applications are now open, so anyone interested in entering should contact Tess Robinson at Food Matters on 020 7371 6466, Email: for further information as soon as possible.