The fish text the farmer to demand more attention –

The fish text the farmer to demand more attention Published:  16 December, 2010

While they haven’t quite cracked translating animal speech, British company Wood & Douglas, has achieved the next best thing by enabling fish to text the farmer’s mobile when they need some extra care and attention.

With wild fish stocks depleted by decades of over-fishing, large scale fish farming has become a key industry for our future dietary needs. Maintaining a healthy captive fish population demands a constant level of attention from this new breed of farmer, which is where help in the form of the Ultima GSM wireless module comes in.

To maximise production, fish farmers stock greater amounts of fish in a given body of water than found in nature, impacting the water condition. Any attempt to match a fish with less than ideal environmental conditions involves additional effort to restore water balance. Monitoring and controlling the environment for fish stock is critical to successful breeding.

Low-dissolved oxygen levels are responsible for more fish kills than all other problems combined. Should oxygen levels drop, Wood & Douglas’ Ultima GSM, a rugged wireless telemetry module, can be configured to send out alerts to one or more mobile phones and/or email accounts. The environmental status can then be monitored via phone or an internet web page, and uniquely, sending a text remotely initiates digital outputs which can be used to adjust heating and cooling systems or respond to changes in the chemical balance of the water.

Alan Wood, Managing Director, Wood & Douglas said; “Properly managing water quality is one of the surest ways to assure fish health. Ultima GSM is a flexible response to the need for over-the-air status monitoring and control; simple to install, yet unaffected by operating in tough, remote conditions. You can now rely on receiving data and controlling response to any changes in water quality, reducing fish stress and improving production efficiency.”