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Tesco launch the fish finger sandwich Published:  08 September, 2009

THE fish finger, a dinner time favourite for millions of Britons down the years, is about to get a whole new lease of life – as a sandwich.

The supermarket giant Tesco has decided that this stable food is still so popular that is is putting them between two slices of bread and butter. They will go on sale at Tesco stores throughout the country at £2 a time complete with lettuce and tomato ketchup – and will be eaten cold.

Although they have been around since the 1950s, fish fingers remain as popular as ever. Sales are still rising up from £584million to £610 million in the past year as the recession eats into family budgets.

The idea was developed by Tesco product developer Laura Fagan who said: ‘The inspiration for the sandwich came from my own student days – it really was survival food back then.’

She said she still enjoys them from time to time and added that they were an excellent comfort food in hard times. The fish finger sandwiches will be trialled to see how they sell.

Fish fingers were developed in Grimsby by the Ross Group (now Young’s) and Birds Eye, but who made them first remains a matter for debate.

Today Britons – mainly children – get through more than a million fish fingers each day and they remain one of the most popular ways of eating fish. They are also low in fat and therefore seen as a healthy alternative to meat.