Tanker Incident Off Spain Raises Minch Fears – Fishupdate.com

Tanker Incident Off Spain Raises Minch Fears Fishing Monthly Published:  23 November, 2002

HIGHLAND councillors have raised the stakes in their campaign to control shipping in the Minch and the Pentland Firth, by agreeing to arrange an international seminar on maritime safety this spring. Councillors have been alarmed at the latest pollution incident off the coast of Spain after the sinking of the ‘Prestige’, which has affected many small fishing communities similar to communities on the Highland coast.

The Council has also written to the President of the Galician authority expressing sympathy and concern and offering support in fighting for tighter controls on dangerous cargoes.

The Council’s TEC services committee heard a plea from two councillors who have campaigned for 12 years for Council control over tanker traffic in the Minch. Councillor Michael Foxley said: “The incident with the nuclear submarine off Skye shows how serious incidents could be. It would be equally serious if a tanker sank in the Minch and the ‘Prestige’ sinking off Spain shows how vulnerable coastal communities can be.”