Supporting Innoovative Seafood Products –

Supporting Innoovative Seafood Products European Fish Trader Published:  27 May, 2003

SEAFOOD companies throughout the UK could receive up to £5,000 each to develop new and innovative seafood products, thanks to the Sea Fish Industry Authority’s (Seafish) New Product Development Initiative 2003.

Any company looking to develop new products can apply for the funding for a whole project or for any part of a project, for example market research, recipe development, process development, technical development or packaging development.

“With increasing competition from other food sectors, we feel it is important that we help the seafood industry develop new products,” said David Briggs, Seafish Trade Development Executive.

“More and more people have very little time and want something that’s easy and quick to prepare, so there is plenty of scope for new dishes in both the chilled and frozen sectors. Our new product development scheme is designed to encourage innovation in the seafood industry and to help sales of seafood to dishes to continue to grow.”

Companies are not limited to the amount of applications they submit and companies will receive 50 per cent towards the cost of their project (s) up to a maximum of £5,000.