Supplies Flow Must Be Safeguarded –

Supplies Flow Must Be Safeguarded European Fish Trader Published:  30 January, 2003

THE UK Association of Frozen Fish Producers, who took part in talks at Downing Street this week on Government plans for the recovery of UK cod and other whitefish stocks say the Government’s aid package is a unique opportunity to reshape the UK fleet.

Geoffrey Molloy, Chairman of UKAFFP said: “We were very pleased to be invited to this meeting as our members supply some 80% of all the fish consumed in the UK and the future of UK supplies is an important issue for us.

“It was a very productive meeting where the interested parties came together to discuss the recovery plan for UK cod stocks. The substantial aid packages announced by Government Departments provide a unique opportunity to reshape the UK fleet in order to capitalise on future opportunities.

“A major point that we were able to make was the need for decommissioning and effort restrictions to be selective and the need to maintain landings of other, non-endangered species, especially scampi, which is the UK’s most valuable catch and stocks of which are fully sustainable at current catch levels.”