Supermarket pulls fish advert –

Supermarket pulls fish advert Published:  16 November, 2009

THE UK supermarket chain William Morrison has agreed to pull a television fish advertising campaign featuring the ‘My Family’ actor Robert Lindsey following complaints from a rival store group.

In the campaign, Robert Lindsay is pictured  pushing a supermarket trolley through a river saying, ‘Does it have to cost a fortune every time you want some fresh fish? I just want a decent choice from a sustainable source.’ Sainsbury’s and four members of the public complained to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) that the comment about sustainable sourcing could not be substantiated. Three of the complainants  claimed  the ad was misleadingly and implied that the cod was sourced sustainably.

A spokesman from the ASA says the case was ‘informally resolved’ and Morrisons agreed to not show the advertisement again – at least in its current form. Morrisons places great stress on the fact that  all  its  fresh fish sustainably  is sourced, and the company also tried to buy  local wherever possible.

Rival seafood companies and the retailers who sell the fish watch each other’s adverstiments closely and are quick to jump in if they spot something which they say is not right.Last year Young’s Seafood was involved in a row in row with rivals Birds Eye over saturated fat claims in a TV advertisement for its Chip Shop range of fish products. Earlier this year, Morrisons was forced to pull an ad by the ASA after Co-op, Waitrose and Asda all complained about suggestions it was the only leading supermarket to source and pack fruit and vegetables from British farms.