Streetwise Trout Trained In Self-Defence. –

Streetwise Trout Trained In Self-Defence. Fish Farming Today Published:  04 March, 2003

THE UK Environment Agency is working with Kent anglers to train trout in the art of self-defence. The ‘street wise ‘ brown trout is being introduced, to combat the problem of poaching from the River Darent in Kent.

In the past the trout has been stocked as adult fish, however, because they are usually bred in tanks and are used to being fed on a daily basis, they are quite ‘tame’ and therefore vulnerable to poachers.

In a pioneering experiment for Kent, at a secret location on the River Darent, the Environment Agency officers have been working with the angling club to trial a new incubation box to breed more resilient fish. The box, which contains trout eggs, is placed in the flow of the river and allows the fish to develop in their natural environment. Once they have hatched they can either disperse from their exit pipe of the incubator, or can be collected and stocked at points along the river.

Chris Conroy of the Agency’s Kent Fisheries Team said: “So far the result are very promising. The fish seems to be thriving, although it’s a little early to say how they are faring comparison to the farmed fish.”

He added: “Poaching is damaging to the environment and carries a heavy financial penalty. The Environment Agency patrols riverbanks around the clock and will prosecute those found to be fishing out of season or without a valid rod licence.”