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SQS Welcome Elements Of Environmental Report Fish Farming Today Published:  12 August, 2002

SQS chief executive Brian Simpson

SCOTTISH Quality Salmon has reacted to the report on the environmental impacts of aquaculture published earlier this month.

Elements of the report were welcomed by the industry body, in particular the findings which showed that there is no evidence to suggest that salmon farming makes a significant contribution to the incidence of algal blooms or nutrient enrichment.

“We take a lot of positives from this report. It confirms that the impact on the environment is minimal, as indeed the industry has claimed for many years,” commented Brian Simpson, SQS chief executive.

“And when compared with the many positive economic contributions the industry makes, such as the thousands of jobs throughout the Highlands and Islands and the export levels, not to mention the benefits to the Scottish diet, I think that’s a big positive for Scotland,” he added.

The report was more negative when it came to discussing the decline of wild salmon, saying that aquaculture was “a major threat” to wild stocks, but Mr Simpson said that this had to be put into context.

“There has been a problem with wild salmon for over 100 years. If you look at the figures there’s been a long-term decline, not just here in Scotland, but worldwide.

“Salmon farming has to play a part in the solution to the decline of wild salmon and we are more than prepared to do so.”