SNP Tables Fisheries Amendment To Draft EU Constitution –

SNP Tables Fisheries Amendment To Draft EU Constitution Fishing Monthly Published:  30 May, 2003

SNP MEP, Prof. Neil MacCormick, has lodged final amendments to the draft EU Constitution aimed at removing fisheries conservation laws from a new list of “exclusive competences” of the European Union.

Prof: MacCormick said: “There is at present a strong current of opinion that there needs to be a much greater decentralisation of the governance of fisheries and marine resources. This view may or may not prevail.

“But it is totally unacceptable to entrench a part of the present regulations that can be changed by ordinary legislative processes and create an exclusive competence that could in turn be changed only by a Constitutional amendment.

He claimed that a case had not at any time been made for this. “What is proposed lacks any warrant in the current treaties, and is a change blatantly introduced with no serious discussion, in a Convention where only a minority of members represents any significant interest in or experience of fisheries.

“This, be it noted, is a state of affairs that will become the more common the more landlocked Member States the Union welcomes to its membership.

“It is also regional in the sense of involving regional groups of member states having geographical or historical associations with particular fishing zones and fisheries. These facts partly determine the specific character of this industry and must be fully taken into account.” a href=””>