Smart seafood ready meals released in South Africa –

Smart seafood ready meals released in South Africa Published:  29 May, 2013

A leading South African supermarket has launched two new seafood ready meals that use an innovative microwave cooking solution developed by Sirane.

Woolworths has released two products under its Easy to Cook brand using Sira-Cook™ Smart-Release™, a microwave bag which cooks food to perfection in minutes: salmon portions with a soy, honey & ginger glaze, and calamari rings with a zesty lemon & garlic butter.

Gavin Anhaeusser, product developer with Woolworths, said: “The packaging and product fits like a glove, it is perfect for absolute convenience, no fuss cooking.

“It is quick to cook, a flavoursome end product, with no fishy smell in the kitchen. The fact that the product is sealed in the bag means no yield loss and adds flavour to end product.

“The concept and convenience of Smart-Release™ is great, especially for single customers. It’s time saving and energy saving if you are only cooking for one or two people.

“But more importantly, the food quality is excellent, it is quick and it is really simple.”