Sky's the limit for aquaculture sector,says Norwegian Minister –

Sky’s the limit for aquaculture sector,says Norwegian Minister Fish Farming Today Published:  23 June, 2004

IN the opening session of the fifth AquaVision conference in Stavanger, Mr Svein Ludvigsen, the Norwegian fisheries minister talked today June 23rd, of his vision for aquaculture in the year 2020, saying the sky’s the limit.

The two day conference was officially opened by the Mayor of Stavanger followed by a technical presentation by Hans den Bieman, COO of Nutreco Aquaculture. Key-note speakers, Barry Costa-Pierce and Ray Cesca developed the main conference theme – Making modern aquaculture the sustainable Blue Revolution – by taking examples from the socio-cultural aspects of aquaculture and focussing on market possibilities, respectively.

In a stirring address, Mr Lugvigsen, said he envisaged a vibrant aquaculture industry in 2020, with high tech, remotely controlled farms, growing specific products targeted at key markets – a simple vision but at the same time complicated.

Referring to misleading information about salmon farming, and referring specifically to the article about contaminants in salmon, published in Science magazine in January 2004, the minister said: “We’re all in the same boat – we have to co-operate to respond to misleading information. We have to convince the consumer of the correct information.”

“I have invited salmon producing countries to a round-table conference this afternoon to discuss consumer information related to food safety issues – how knowledge can be improved.”

“We need to pull together to increase the demand for safe, tasty aquaculture products.”