Skipper fined for prawn offence –

Skipper fined for prawn offence Published:  14 February, 2007

A BANFF white fish skipper was fined £2,000 at Lerwick Sheriff Court today after admitting catching too few prawns.

Fisheries officers boarded David Addison’s trawler Serenity on June 16 last year after he came in to Lerwick harbour with an injured crewman.

They found his haul, which had been netted over the previous three days, contained just five per cent prawns when the legal minimum under European conservation regulations stands at 30 per cent.

Procurator fiscal Duncan Mackenzie said 27 year old Addison, of 15 Redwell Drive, Whitehills, had a successful trip and the value of his total catch was £3,838.

Defending, Tommy Allan said Addison had become confused after changing his 90mm prawn nets for 109mm demersal nets, thinking he was allowed to land more white fish.

However the rules clearly indicate he should still have kept up the

quantity of prawns in the hold, leaving him no choice but to admit breaking the rules.