Shetland use exhibitions to promote "wild" farmed salmon –

Shetland use exhibitions to promote “wild” farmed salmon Fish Farming Today Published:  22 April, 2002

The SSFA stand is a part of the Shetland seafood pavilion at ESE

Shetland Salmon Farmers’ Association has launched its new promotional brochure entitled ‘Shetland Salmon – Farmed in the Wild’, at exhibitions in Glasgow last week and Brussels this week.

The SSFA says that the brochure is an account of how Shetland’s prime location in the fast-running seas of the North Atlantic lends itself to the production of superior quality fish. The organization claim that the wild waters in Shetland mean that its farmed salmon closely mirrors the characteristics of its wild cousins.

Copies of the brochure were available at the Aquaculture International and Fishing 2002 exhibitions in Glasgow last week and will also be promoted at the European Seafood Exposition in Brussels, which starts tomorrow.

SSFA general manager David Sandison said: “I am delighted that this project is moving forward. The timing is just right for us. Customer confidence is growing again as we turn another corner. The potential for our industry – whose value to the local economy is more than £77 million – is huge and I feel it is important that we highlight Shetland’s position at this international show.

“Shetland is in many ways one of the best placed parts of the world for producing superior quality fish. Fast and strong tidal currents create perfect conditions for producing salmon that is naturally strong and full of flavour. This is the key message I hope to get across.”