Shetland Processing Workers Win Jobs Assurance –

Shetland Processing Workers Win Jobs Assurance European Fish Trader Published:  01 April, 2003

TWELVE employees who lost their jobs last week at a Shetland seafood processor were assured tonight that they would be back in work within weeks.

Management at Shetland Norse Preserving Company (SNPC), the biggest employer on the island of Yell, said today that the lay-off was only “a temporary measure”.

Managing director Robert Simpson said the plant, which has been processing locally caught crab and lobster for John West for more than 30 years was short of work “at the moment”.

He said: “The crab season is not quite here yet and we don’t have enough work to keep it going until the crab season has improved.

“We have laid off people temporarily. We expect this to be a very short term situation.” He said he was confident that those who had lost their job would be re-employed in the near future.

SNPC has also recently invested heavily into a new canning line, which enables the company to diversify into other canning products such as mackerel fillets.

Mr Simpson said: “The investment we have made into the new line has not quite reached its full potential. Obviously, we are working at that side of things as well.”