Shetland Fish Processors Back On Stream –

Shetland Fish Processors Back On Stream European Fish Trader Published:  10 March, 2003

FISH processing has re-started at the Ronas Fisheries plant in Northmavine, Shetland, more than two years after the plant had to close making 20 workers redundant in one of Scotland’s remotest areas.

Initially six workers are employed to pack salmon that has been farmed by Aqua Farm Ltd, an independent salmon farming company that has cages in the voes nearby.

The plant that traditionally had processed whitefish closed in December 2000 following its merger with the Lerwick-based whitefish processor L. Williamson to form Shetland SeaFish, reflecting the general downturn of the whitefish industry.

Director of Aqua Farm, Shetland salmon farming pioneer Gibbie Johnson said workers at the re-opened plant will initially concentrate on processing 300,000 salmon presently held in the company’s cages.

He added: “We will have full-time work every day up to New Year – after that we will have to see how the next crop of fish is coming on.”