Shetland College Notches Up First –

Shetland College Notches Up First Fish Farming Today Published:  16 December, 2002

THE North Atlantic Fisheries College (NAFC) in Scalloway, Shetland, is celebrating its first “home-grown” PhD after student Shelly Tallack impressed examiners with a thesis on “The Biology and Exploration of three crab species in the Shetland Islands: Cancer Pagurus, Necora Puber and Carcinus Maenas”.

The PhD was registered through the UHI Millennium Institute, carried out at NAFC and will be awarded by the Open University Validation System (OUVS) Dr Ian Napier, the internal supervisor of Ms Tallack’s work said the PhD was “a major achievement” for Ms Tallack as well as for the college.”It is a significant step forward for the college and is also an important piece of research work which can be used to help the work of the Shetland Shellfish Management Organisation (SSMO),” he said.Dr Tallack’s three-year study has provided a substantial amount of new information on the biology of exploited crab species in Shetland waters and an assessment of their status of their stocks.

The study focused on the two important commercial species: the edible crab and the velvet crab, but also collected some information on green crabs,which are fished in relatively small numbers.

Dr Tallack has now returned to the US where she had moved to a year ago to become involved in research work on deep water red crab off the coast of New England this summer.She hopes to continue to work in fisheries-related research possibly in the Gulf of Maine or Alaska.