Shellfish boat in new incident –

Shellfish boat in new incident Published:  19 November, 2007

ANOTHER incident involving shell fishermen from the Yorkshire Coast has been reported by the rescue authorities.

The crew from the potter My Charon, which operates out of Bridlington, were forced to abandon their vessel after it was hit by a large wave a few days ago.

The vessel was fishing near the Rough Gas Field off Flamborough Head when the wave damaged the wheelhouse and then started to take on water. They were subsequently taken on board the large new support ship Centrica Pride, before being picked up by a rescue helicopter from nearby RAF Leconfield.

However, the crew were not injured, but an RAF spokesman did question the wisdom of such a small fishing boat being at sea in what was regarded as fairly rough weather.

Just five weeks ago, 57-year-old Bridlington skipper John Collinson lost his life when his fishing boat, The Flourish, was in collision with a large cargo ship in the same area. The other crew members, which included one of his sons, were rescued unharmed. So far Mr Collinson’s body has not yet been recovered.

Just after the accident some of his colleagues expressed concerns about the number of ships operating in areas where they lay their shellfish pots, it was revealed that Skipper Collinson almost lost his life when another fishing boat he owned at the time was involved in a glancing collision with a 40,000 tonne oil tanker in 2003.

The Yorkshire Coast and the port of Bridlington in particular is continuing to attract an increasing number of shell fish boats, some of which are very small and vulnerable to even the slightest bad weather.

A few weeks earlier, Yorkshire fishing industry leaders welcomed new moves to make fishing operations safer for local crews in the light of increased shipping activity.

The Fisheries Legacy Trust has been set up jointly with the oil and gas industry to give up-to-date information on seabed hazards related to oil and gas activities for as long as they remain and to make the data available for use by fishing vessels’ on-board plotters.

The trust’s first project is FishSafe Mk2, an updated replacement of the FishSafe monitor initially developed in 2000 now in the wheelhouse of many fishing boats.

The new trust he said it will engage in promoting discussions on health, safety and environmental aspects of marine operations. is published by Special Publications. Special Publications also publish FISHupdate magazine, Fish Farmer, the Fish Industry Yearbook, the Scottish Seafood Processors Federation Diary, the Fish Farmer Handbook and a range of wallplanners.