SEPA Clarify Loch Erisort Incident –

SEPA Clarify Loch Erisort Incident Fish Farming Today Published:  22 August, 2002

Loch Erisort on the Isle of Lewis

THE incident at Loch Erisort, widely reported in both the trade and national press yesterday, has turned out to be not as bad as originally feared.

Early reports said that hundreds of thousands of dead salmon had been found in the loch, but it is now clear that it was in fact only around 200.

It has also now been confirmed that they are among the salmon killed by jellyfish earlier this month, but had not been effectively removed.

A statement released by Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) read: “SEPA understands that during the operation to recover these dead fish for appropriate disposal, two of the nets holding fish split, causing the release into the loch of a significant number of dead fish. Action was taken at the time to recover the released dead fish from the immediate area around the farm.

“This was hampered by poor visibility in the water resulting from the density of jellyfish. The farm operator has been monitoring around the cages for dead fish and collecting these on a regular basis since the incident but a number of fish appear to have drifted further out into the loch than had been anticipated.

“Due to decomposition these fish have now floated to the surface and been recovered for appropriate disposal.

“SEPA will continue to monitor the situation in Loch Erisort.”