Search resumes for fisherman missing off Scottish coast –

Search resumes for fisherman missing off Scottish coast Published:  06 August, 2010

A LARGE search resumed at first light today for a fishermen who went missing after his vessel was in collision with a ferry off the Berwickshire Coast.

The was one of two men on a prawn fishing vessel called Homeland. It collided with  the ferry Scottish Viking  shortly before 8pm last night. One of the men was pulled from the water by another fishing boat which had been working close by.

An immediate search was put into operation, but with only an hour of light left it had to be called off until dawn this morning. A rescue helicopter from RAF Boulmer and lifeboats from Dunbar, Eyemouth and St Abbs along with a large number of other fishing  vessels took part in the search last night in an area of sea  five miles off the coast of St Abbs. Messages were also broadcast to all shipping requesting assistance. The rescued man, who has not yet been named, is apparently unhurt and does not require any urgent medical attention.

The ferry, which is operated by Dutch company Norfolkline, was travelling between Rosyth and Belgium when the accident happened. It is not known what caused the collision and the Coastguards said that the weather was reasonably good and there was no problem with visibility. The Marine Accident branch will eventually hold a full inquiry into the incident. But this is not the first time that a UK fishing vessel has been involved in a collision with larger vessels which are seen as one of the biggest threats to trawler crews.

One man died and three others were rescued late last year when their boat was hit by a large freighter in the English Channel. There have been other less tragic incidents around the Scottish coast.

Footnote: A major search istaking place  off the Vancouver coast for four men  who have gone missing on a private fishing trip.