Seafood producer to close Fleetwood factory with loss of 33 jobs –

Seafood producer to close Fleetwood factory with loss of 33 jobs Published:  25 March, 2009

A LARGE seafood producers looks set to close its factory at Fleetwood and centralise the operations at Grimsby.

M&J Seafoods, which produces salmon fillets at Fleetwood, is expected to close next month with the loss of 33 jobs. Only a small number of staff are expected to transfer across the Pennines to Grimsby.

M&J Seafoods, part of the Brakes Foodservice Group, and already has a large production unit in Grimsby. The company said that a number of local businesses were in discussions with their employees and there was a reasonable chance they would find alternative employment fairly soon. The workforce was warned in February that closure was a possibility.

A spokesman said closure had nothing to do with the operation as such and certainly nothing to do with the workforce, but the reality was that the company had to look at its processing and production organisation in the light of the current economic climate. The move, which has caused some dismay in the former distant water trawler port, would bring significant logistical savings, but he suggested that it might not have come about so soon if there had been no recession.

M&J Seafoods supply fish and shellfish a large number of hotels, restaurants and other institutions, throughout the UK. The company started life as a family business in Aylesbury, Bucks, and opened a factory in Grimsby around 20 years ago which has grown considerably in recent years. It was acquired by the Brakes foodservice group over four years ago.