Seafish Produces New Fish Farm Guidance –

Seafish Produces New Fish Farm Guidance Fish Farming Today Published:  04 February, 2003

AQUACULTURE businesses can take advantage of a new series of interactive hyperbooks, produced by Seafish, which offer up-to-the-minute business advice on fish and shellfish cultivation.

The cultivation of marine shellfish, especially mussels, has undergone

significant expansion in the UK over the past decade. There has also been an increasing level of interest in the cultivation of marine fish.

The new hyperbooks, produced in collaboration with Epilson Aquaculture Ltd will provide both potential and existing businesses with the most up-to-date information and advice.

The series, part-funded by a FIFG grant from the Scottish Executive’s

Environment and Rural Affairs Department, includes individual editions for halibut, turbot, cod, rope-grown and seabed cultured mussels, oysters, scallops, Manila clams and native clams.

Available on CD-ROM format, the hyperbooks offer advice on technological and biological requirements for the different species, as well as marketing, legislative and environmental considerations. They also include an Excel

package, which provides financial planning advice.

Seafish Aquaculture Development Manager Sue Utting said: “These will be a useful tool both to new investors and entrepreneurs as well as those who currently run an aquaculture business and are looking to expand. They will also prove a useful source of reference to those who regulate the industry or provide advice and financial assistance as well as to research institutes and other educational and training organisations.”