Seafish Outlines Future as Landmark Discussions Complete –

Seafish Outlines Future as Landmark Discussions Complete Published:  21 March, 2012

Seafish, the authority on seafood, has announced that it has received widespread support from industry after the completion of national discussions on the future of the organisation.

The landmark talks covered the core role and strategic objectives of Seafish, proposed models for the organisation’s future structure, funding and governance arrangements between Seafish, its government sponsors and industry.

Seafish Chief Executive, Paul Williams, outlines the main outcomes of the meetings, what this will mean for the future of Seafish and the effects that this will have on industry in a new film,

Key points include:

* Widespread support for Seafish to represent industry* General consensus that Seafish should be funded through a levy* Seafish will implement industry panels to review activities and budgets which could result in a review of the levy* No desire from industry for devolved operations* Key priorities  for industry are safety and consumer relations* Seafish will drive engagement at a local level* Increased transparency through panels will result in more industry say in setting priorities

Additional video interviews with Paul Williams will be launched to industry in coming weeks focusing on Discards, Safety, and Levy.

Seafish Chief Executive Paul Williams: “These important discussions should not be underestimated as they will define the future of Seafish. There has been open and honest dialogue which will bring about positive change such as more transparency in our processes and improvements to how we work with and build relationships with industry going forward.”