Scottish salmon exports rise by £60 million –

Scottish salmon exports rise by £60 million Published:  21 August, 2014

WITH 65 countries now enjoying Scottish salmon, exports of the quality fish have increased by £60 million in the first six months of the year, proving that overseas demand remains high.  

An additional 12,000 tonnes of Scotland’s iconic fish made its way to kitchens and dining tables around the world marking yet another outstanding period of performance for the industry.  

These impressive results come as an independent survey of retail and foodservice buyers voted Scottish farmed salmon the best in the world for superior taste, quality and appearance. 

Scottish salmon was enjoyed in 65 countries since January, with the USA leading the way. An additional 5,000 tonnes of Scottish salmon crossed the Atlantic pushing up sales by £26 million. 

This is a trend replicated in other key markets including France and China, where export volumes have outstripped performance over the same period last year.

This positive news comes as industry representatives attend the Japanese Seafood Show as part of an awareness-raising programme to promote quality and provenance offered by Scottish salmon to new and emerging markets. 

Industry representatives will meet key buyers and suppliers and network with influential chefs. 

Reflecting on the last six months’ performance, Scott Landsburgh, chief executive of the Scottish Salmon Producers’ Organisation said:

‘This has been another strong period of growth for Scottish salmon producers and demonstrates just how important Scottish salmon has become in foreign markets and to the Scottish economy. 

‘Scottish salmon is renowned for high quality, firm texture and distinct flavours. These characteristics, coupled with many health benefits and full traceability, are important attributes for a growing number of consumers. 

‘Industry is committed to raising the profile of Scottish salmon in new and emerging markets and I think these results are proof that we are beginning to reap the rewards. 

‘We are developing both international markets and domestic opportunities in order to ensure long-lasting business growth.’

Since the beginning of the year, at a value of £10 million, Far East exports have increased by a quarter, taking their total value to a record £47 million. 

As trade links have grown, China has become a significant consumer of Scottish salmon, increasing from virtually nothing in 2010 to be worth almost £34 million in 2014.  

Singapore, the established global destination for fine dining, which played host to the World Gourmet Summit in March this year and where Scottish salmon was a key ingredient, grew by 200 tonnes. Hong Kong also saw significant growth, tripling consumption.

Closer to home, exports to the European Union grew by 50% (5,000 tonnes). Key market, France, grew by £20 million and Germany doubled consumption.

‘The success of Scottish salmon is a testament to the dedication of our farmers who farm with care, passion and pride,’ Landsburgh continued. 

‘Producers are committed to raising salmon of the highest quality and employ the latest innovations and technologies to refine their production methods. 

‘These results are good news for the local communities in which our salmon grow, and a boost to the wider economy of Scotland.’

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