Scottish LibDem fisheries spokesman calls for local fishreis control –

Scottish LibDem fisheries spokesman calls for local fishreis control Published:  12 November, 2012

Scottish Liberal Democrat Fisheries spokesperson, Tavish Scott MSP, has called for control over fisheries management to be removed from Brussels.

He and Orkney MSP Liam McArthur recently lobbied the EU Fisheries Commissioner in Brussels calling for a change in direction away from the current system that has failed fish stocks, fishermen and coastal communities highly dependent on the industry.

Commenting as Cabinet Secretary Richard Lochhead said the current fishing industry system needs radical change, Mr Scott said: “Scottish fishermen need an active government focused on their interests. Decisions over fish stocks should be taken by the countries that border the North Sea. That approach would halt the botched command and control Brussels management that the industry has suffered from over decades where landlocked countries with no interest in North Sea fish stocks decide our fish quotas.

“The European Commission want that change. So do fishermen. The Scottish and UK Governments should now move heaven and earth to make regional fisheries management of the North Sea happen. That would be positive for fishermen, fish stocks and the local coastal and island communities that depend on a successful and financially sustainable industry.”