Scientists Say Latest PCB Study of Farmed Salmon Misleads Consumers –

Scientists Say Latest PCB Study of Farmed Salmon Misleads Consumers Fish Farming Today Published:  31 July, 2003

THE Washington based, Environmental Working Group (EWG), has just issued a report, (PCBs in Farmed Salmon; factory methods, un-natural results) which, if read at face value, seems to say that regular consumers of farmed salmon are exposing themselves to an elevated cancer risk. However the report actually shows that PCB levels in farmed salmon are well within the FDA guidelines. It finds, as other independent studies have previously found, that levels are 40 to 200 times below the FDA tolerance level. The FDA is the regulatory agency charged with food safety standards in the U.S. Many independent scientists and food safety experts question the methods used by the EWG to assemble the data and analyze the facts presented in this report.

The report charges that the FDA tolerances should be replaced by guidelines from the EPA, which are much lower. However, the EPA confirms that their guidelines are designed for sport and subsistence fishermen who may eat fish from contaminated waters as a steady diet and not meant for fish sold commercially.

“We are pleased that again analysis by a non-industry organization has shown that farmed salmon found in stores in the United States is consistently and significantly below the food safety standards set up by the FDA with regard to contaminants, including PCBs,” says Alex Trent, executive director of Salmon Of The Americas (SOTA). SOTA is an organization of salmon producers from Canada, Chile and the United States.