Scaremongering Must End –

Scaremongering Must End Fishing Monthly Published:  16 May, 2002

A LEADING fishermen’s grouping today moved to end “the myth” that there will be a fishing free-for-all if a reformed EU fishing policy is not agreed by the end of this year.

Scottish White Fish Producers’ Association spokesman George MacRae, who earlier this week called for the fishing industry to be given back a voice in the UK cabinet, said that he was becoming more and more concerned by a string of pessimistic statements that Spanish and other trawlers could be fishing up to the UK’s beaches from January 1 next year.

“This is not the case – you cannot fish in the North Sea or anywhere else unless you have quota and Spain does not have quota in the North Sea.

“To say otherwise is misleading, disingenuous and worse than that, it promotes a level of uncertainty in the industry.

“The situation is that relative stability is not up for grabs, negotiations or discussion and those who should know better should not suggest otherwise.”