Saucy Fish a 200-million euro international brand by 2015 –

Saucy Fish a 200-million euro international brand by 2015 Published:  16 October, 2012

THE Grimsby based Saucy Fish Company will be a 100 million euro brand in the UK and a 200 million brand internationally within three years, the driver behind this rapidly growing business has predicted.

The upbeat message was delivered by Simon Smith, sales and marketing director of Grimsby-based Seachill, the business which launched the Saucy Fish Company onto the UK market two years ago. Seachill is part of the Icelandic Group and Simon was speaking at a special conference to celebrate the Icelandic Group’s 70th anniversary.

His speech entitled “From Minnow to Mammoth” traced the success story of the Saucy Fish Company and talked about bringing new consumers to fish. Simon described the development as a ‘consumer insight driven strategy’. Some time ago Seachill identified three consumer categories – fresh fish fanatics, fish wanabees and fish frighteners. He pointed out that the average French consumer ate 60 kg of fish a year – three times more than their British counterparts, with consumer fear (of fish)  in the UK probably one of the main reasons for this difference.

He identified weak consumer brands and lack of consumer inspiration as two other factors. Among his answers was to make retailers a destination for chilled fish and bringing new consumers into the category so they put the Saucy Fish Company products onto their shopping lists.

The dilemma facing consumers, he said, was that they needed to eat more fish, but they didn’t know how or what. Then he discovered that Tesco customers who bought sauces also spent a third more on fish than those who didn’t. “It’s about the dish, not just about fish,” he told the conference. “Successful companies ensure that products and brands fulfil both rational and emotional consumer needs,” he added.

So what makes a strong brand. The answers, said Simon, were – consumer loyalty, the emotional connection, the freedom to innovate and the freedom to be brave and commercial value. The Saucy Fish vision, he said, will be a “100 million euro brand and 200 million euro brand internationally by 2015”.

Saucy Fish stood out because it had combined a ‘fantastic piece of fish with an equally amazing sauce’ that was convenient and perfectly balanced. It was already the number one wetfish brand in the UK and the fast growing grocery product and was being referred to as the ‘cool brand’. Scales for 2012 were expected to be around 45 -million euros, up from 25 million euros in just two years.

Simon said that Saucy Fish had attracted new shoppers to fish, but he warned that competitors would try to steal its clothes.