Salmond tries again with fish Bill –

Salmond tries again with fish Bill Published:  10 December, 2004

THE Leader of the Scottish National Party, Alex Salmond MP, said today

that he will be re-launching his Fisheries Jurisdiction Bill

this session of Parliament.

The Bill seeks to take the United Kingdom

out of the Common Fisheries Policy and redistribute those powers to the Northern Ireland Assembly, Scottish Parliament, Welsh Assembly and

Westminster Parliament in regard to English waters.

The Bill received backing from MPs from every political group in the

House of Commons as well as fishing organisations the length and breadth of the United Kingdom, Mr Salmond underlined.

He went on:

“Last year’s disastrous European fishing deal with its ‘unintended

consequences’ demonstrated this Government’s incompetence in

representing Scotland in fisheries negotiations as well as the ruinous

affect that the Common Fisheries Policy is having on our fishing


“The fishing industry is one of Scotland’s most important industries and it is being damaged by the dead hand of Brussels mismanagement. It is a nonsense that with haddock, prawn and monkfish stocks in a healthy state, we have a sea full of fish but our fishermen are being prevented from catching them.

“Norway, Iceland and the Faroe Islands all operate economically

successful and environmentally sustainable fisheries outside the Common Fisheries Policy. It is time that we returned our fisheries to national control so that we can ensure a thriving industry for future


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