Salmon Leaders Work Together –

Salmon Leaders Work Together Fish Farming Today Published:  19 July, 2002

Brian Simpson addresses delegates at the Salmon Symposium

COLLABORATION and co-operation were the key words as The 6th International Atlantic Salmon Symposium ended in Edinburgh yesterday with aquaculture leaders and wild fisheries interests pledging to work together.

This note of co-operation had been established before when, in a Newsnight Scotland interview broadcast on the opening day of the conference, Scottish Quality Salmon chief executive Brian Simpson stated his intention to continue to co-operate with wild fish interests to ensure healthy stocks in our rivers, while still delivering jobs and prosperity.

His comments were echoed by Dick Shelton of the Atlantic Salmon Trust and Professor David Mackay of the Scottish Anglers’ National Association, who agreed that co-operation between all parties was the way forward and that progress towards local solutions were being made.

Professor David Mackay said: “Over the last three years we’ve seen a sea change in the attitude of the industry and in the attitude of Government and I do believe that we are now making progress. The industry has had an internal revolution, it’s produced an excellent code of practice, which we highly approve of.

“We still have various difficulties remaining. First of all we believe that the regulatory process must be streamlined, strengthened and rigorously imposed and that’s what we’re fighting for at the moment,” he concluded.