Russia To Increase Catching Activity –

Russia To Increase Catching Activity European Fish Trader Published:  25 July, 2002

RUSSIA plans to increase its fishing activities outside of its economic zones in order to catch up to two million tonnes of fish and seafood.

The Russian State Fisheries Committee said that Russia has lost its position as one of the world’s leading fishing nations, and authorities must do everything possible in their power to return it to the top.

The committee added that in 2001, Russia had increased its fishing fleet in other countries’ economic zones through third country agreements.

In particular, agreements have been reached on resuming cooperation and signing intergovernmental contracts in fishing with Mauritania, Morocco, Angola, Guinea-Bissau, Sierra-Leone, Mozambique and Madagascar. And for the first time, Russia has been provided with a fishing quota in North Korea’s economic zone.

The State Fisheries Committee said that there are positive trends in cooperation in the between Russia, Norway, Iceland and EU countries.