Russia introduces tough newrules for its fishing industry –

Russia introduces tough newrules for its fishing industry Published:  28 January, 2009

RUSSIA has just introduced a tough new fishing regulation which states that all fish caught within its economic zone and territorial waters must be landed in Russian ports.

The move is thought to have instigated by former president and now prime minister Vladimir Putin who last year came up with the nationalistic slogan “Russian Fish to the Russian Shore.”

Russia is one of northern Europe’s most powerful fishing nations, but while much of what is caught is sold for domestic consumption, a growing proportion is being sent for export.

According to Barents over 1.5 million tons was exported last year and the Russian political leaders that this is depriving fishing coastal ports of processing work, the Russian treasury of taxes and the country’s consumers of fish. The new get tough policy on fishing is also thought to be part of Russia’s determination to lay a claim to the vast Arctic area which is thought to have huge oil and gas reserves.

Recently, the First Deputy Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov declared that from now on only companies which deliver their catch for processing in Russia will be given state support.The Russian government has also promised that its fishing vessels shall have to wait no longer than three hours to get official documents filled out,a procedure which up to now took several days, and was one of the reasons why Russian fishing companies preferred to land in neighbouring countries. The high taxes on trawler repairs are also likely to be reduced.