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Rick Stein to expand seafood business Published:  13 November, 2009

TV celebrity chef Rick Stein  is planning a major expansion of his fish and chip and seafish restaurants businesses in his home county of Cornwall.

The man who has taken his passion for fish to millions of television viewers wants to open a fish and chip restaurant, a takeaway and an oyster bar in the resort ands fishing port of Falmouth. He already has four seafood restaurants  restaurants around Padstow north Cornwall, which is around 35 miles from Padstow. So far he has remain silent over his planning applications, but a spokesman for his business said permission was being sought although things were still in their early staged.

but there is little doubt that it would help create jobs  in a part of the country which has a higher than average unemployment rate, especially outside the summer tourist season. Falmouth is seen as one of the West Country’s growth towns thanks to tourism and fishing and now cruise ships are starting to attract cruise ships.

However, the news of the proposed expansion has bee greeted with mixed feelings. One local councillor from Falmouth, Diane Merrett, told journalists that she had some reservations especially if the proposal changed the character of the town.

Rick Stein does generate strong feelings for and against in the county he has made his home for more than 30 years. Some accuse him of dominating the seafood business while others praise him for his job creation. He currently employs over 250 people in his fish businesses – the equivalent of a sizable fish processing factory – and he also owns the Padstow Seafood School.