Processors Need Attention In Battle For Survival –

Processors Need Attention In Battle For Survival European Fish Trader Published:  21 March, 2003

FIFE Fish Processors’ Association has warned that its sector of the fishing industry is being overlooked despite the fact that processors are under as much pressure as the catching sector.

And association spokesman William Morris has urged the Scottish Executive to stop playing politics with the processing sector’s future.

He says the processing side of the industry employs around 10,000 in Scotland and deserves attention from the Scottish Executive and the fish processors’ action plan must be dealt with quickly by the Executive.

“It would be all too typical of the Executive to try to keep this issue in the long grass until after the election, though this temptation must be resisted.

“Scottish businesses are going to the wall now because of a deal that the Executive signed up to.

“It is now up to the Executive to ameliorate their failure.”

And he contended that the rates support scheme announced by the Executive is proving to be little more than pre-election window dressing.